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We are in the process of finalizing our events calendar for 2022. More events will be added on a regular basis in the weeks to come.

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  • Jul
    • Third Thursday Webinar July 21, 2022

      Moral Distress in Healthcare in the Wake of Covid-19

      The impact of moral distress during the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges and opportunities for healthcare workers across disciplines. This webinar will discuss the fundamental issues related to moral distress using evidence-based literature and case examples from hospice and palliative care. We will use examples of distress unveiled during COVID-19 to better understand the impact of moral distress and trauma among healthcare providers. We will discuss the importance for all healthcare providers and leaders to understand the impact of moral distress on not only their colleagues but also their patients & families. A primary aim of the webinar is to provide strategies and considerations for individuals, teams, and institutions to mitigate the harmful effects of moral distress. Including, the capacity to identify your own moral distress; team strategies to mitigate distress; and institutional obligations such as debriefings, to normalize and provide support for ongoing moral dilemmas. Register for this webinar
  • Aug
    • Third Thursday Webinar August 18, 2022

      Utilizing the Pandemic Grief Scale: Latest Research and Clinical Implications

      Continuing research on the adaptation of Americans to bereavement in the context of the pandemic has expanded to include those suffering losses from causes beyond COVID-19. The unique circumstances under which people die and grieve since March of 2020 are nearly universal, affecting virtually all individuals facing the death of a loved one. Dr. Niemeyer and Dr. Lee will compare the impact of loss because of COVID-19, other natural causes, and violent death, and consider the role of meaning-making in mediating the circumstantial risk factors that can complicate grief and impair functioning of survivors. Utilizing clinically useful screeners such as the Pandemic Grief Scale (PGS) for severe grief responses in the pandemic, the speakers will suggest how to bridge from assessment to intervention and offer principles and practices to inform professional support. Register for this webinar
  • Sep
    • Third Thursday Webinar September 15, 2022

      Ethics in Action: Dilemmas at the End of LIfe

      The principle that good clinical practice requires sound ethical practice can be especially true when dealing with patients facing the end of life. Working knowledge of key medical terminology is a prerequisite in therapeutic conversations that determine course of treatment. Mental health professionals can play a pivotal role in end-of-life care, where dilemmas of the human condition and the intersection of diversity factors often complicate medical decisions. In this workshop, case examples from a hospital-based palliative care service will allow attendees to simulate ethical decision-making and interdisciplinary team participation while providing mental health assistance to patients at the end of life. Register for this webinar