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Your Complete Resource for End-of-Life Planning

Death and Taxes – Avoidance Isn’t the Best Option

The Center for Education & Advance Care Planning was created to help make talking about end-of-life concerns easier – easier for professionals advising patients or clients, easier for those thinking about their own wishes, easier for those who have loved ones near or at the end of life.

As a society, we prefer to ignore the inevitable… we all come from a long line of dead people, as irreverent as that may seem. When end-of-life issues arrive – and they will – patients and their loved ones often face a myriad of questions and concerns. While 70% of us say we would prefer to die peacefully and painlessly at home surrounded by our loved ones, the reality is that 70% will die in a medical setting (a hospital, nursing home or other long-term care facility), according to research conducted by the Dying Matters Coalition and the CDC.

The Center for Education & Advance Care Planning is an educational arm of Center for Hospice Care (CHC), a nonprofit hospice and palliative care provider. CHC has found that one of the most frequent, compelling statements hospice patients and their families make is, “I wish I had known about hospice sooner.”

With this statement in mind, we have developed tools and educational resources to improve end-of-life planning for our community. These allow trusted advisors and clinicians to thoughtfully guide their clients’/patients’ planning and empower individuals to document their end-of-life wishes and share them with their loved ones.